3 reasons why you should go to the Copa on Fridays


1. Afterwork Fridays

After a long week at work, there is no better way to decompress than to go to an afterwork, and not any afterwork, it’s the Copacabana’s afterwork! Come enjoy yourself at the legendary club dancing to some latin music (merengue, bachata, salsa…). You get free admission if you are registered on the guest list!

2. Ladies Night

You and your girlfriends can have a night out on the town with all the latest top 40’s music. We have great prices on bottle packages for you to enjoy, and we offer free cake and champagne if it’s your birthday (if you register to our guest list)!

3. Have a legendary Friday in the most legendary club in NY

The Copacabana has been the most legendary and cosmopolitan nightclub in New York City and has been the party place for all the celebrities of their time. Now, the Copa is the place to be for millennials to come have a fun Friday night out.