Connect to Copa’s Free Wi-Fi Network!

Untitled-1Times Square’s biggest Latin Club now has free Wi-Fi for all of its guests. Now you can share pictures from your night out, Tweet about that salsa song you love, or brag about your big date night on Facebook, all without using precious data. Just connect to the Copacabana’s Wi-Fi network at the club and surf the Web for free!
If you’re at the club, just connect to @copacabananyc Free Wi-Fi on your mobile device. You’ll be connected to the Copa’s wireless network within seconds. It’s so easy; but best of all, it’s free!
While you’re connected to the Copa’s free Wi-Fi, why not connect with the Copa on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? You’ll stay up to date with great deals and events, as well as learn how to get free entry to the night club on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday nights. You can also visit our website and sign up for our email list to get updates about the Copa sent right to your inbox.
Next time you’re at the Copa, don’t spend your data. Connect to our Wi-Fi network and share, post, and Tweet for free! Want to see what’s happening at the Copa this week? Check out our calendar of events!