The Fourth of July Weekend

he Fourth of July weekend is a time for family and friends, and a time to have fun. However, this year was unlike any other because this year in New York it was my chance to celebrate with my family in the so famous Jersey Shore. Bubbling with excitement, I packed my floppy hat, sunglasses, and swimsuit; and I hopped on the Jersey Shore (if even just for a weekend). 

The morning after I arrived, we woke up (much earlier than I would have liked) to head to the beach. With the windows down our hair ran wild in the wind, and no matter how loud we turned up the music, our eternally off-tune voices sang louder. Within seconds of shutting off the engine, we were out of the car, racing each other to the sand. It was just how I had imagined it would be: a group of girls playing volleyball by the sand dunes, some bunch of guys playing soccer, more dogs than you would see in a pet store running along the water, and towels spread out with people tanning everywhere. We laid down our towels, cracked open a drink, and soaked up the sun. It wasn’t long before the people playing volleyball asked us to join, and we spent the rest of the day talking and laughing, and dragging each other into the freezing cold ocean.

As the sun began to set, one of the guys we had met grabbed his guitar from his car, while the rest of us piled up driftwood. The smell of barbecue made its way down to the beach as we finished making our bonfire, and sat in a circle around the flame so we could all sing along. When the last bit of sunlight vanished behind the sand dunes, the first firework of the night exploded, signaling us to quiet down. We spent the last of the night watching red, white, and blue shine in the sky over the ocean, thinking about how beautiful was such enlightened spectacle above us. The Jersey Shore is highly recommendable for everyone.

Rachel Tenney – Leisure Blogger for The Copacabana Times Square