Subway Show

long with seeing Lady Liberty, skating at Rockefeller Center, and shopping at Bloomingdales, of the most quintessential experiences of being in New York is riding the subway.

New Yorkers chuckle to themselves as they watch tourists try to navigate the underground, and tourists smile at the grand idea of being on a New York City Subway, and sweat under the pressure of finding the right train. In my first few weeks living in New York, I was a tourist. Constantly stumbling through the turnstiles and often boarding a subway car, only to realize two stops later that I was going the wrong way. It was for these reasons that the morning of my first day of work, I made sure to leave my apartment an extra hour early.

I proceeded to enter the subway, anticipating that I would make a mistake and end up in Queens. So as I stood with my hand clinging a pole for stability, stomach in my throat, the young man standing next to me began to tap his foot extra loudly. Within minutes he and a few friends were dancing in the middle of the subway car, and had managed to put smiles on everyone’s face… including mine.

My nervousness seemed to melt away, as I remembered why I fell in love with this incredible city in the first place. From subway to street corner, park to square, New York is filled with energy and creativity. Like a drug she draws people to her streets, getting them high on life.

Rachel Tenney – Leisure Blogger for The Copacabana Times Square