The Copacabana, 70 years of history

The Copacabana, 70 years of history and today it is still the most legendary and cosmopolitan nightclub in New York City!

Since November 10th 1940 the Copcabana has been the “it” place where the city‘s finest came for an unforgettable night out in the city. All the big celebrities of the time made their debuts at the Copacabana, everyone wanted to get it!
And so started decades of nightclub entertainment with all the A-list VIPs, long dinners and dancing. The club was also known for its chorus line, “The Copacabana Girls“, who had pink hair and elaborate sequenced costumes, mink panties and fruited turbans. With every decade the Copa adapted. In the forties we would see at the club, in the 50’s Franc Sinatra, in the 60’s The Supremes , 70’s Mick Jagger & Andy Warhol
Today the Copacabana Times Square is the most legendary and Cosmopolitan club in New York City open on Tuesdays for a Latin dancing afterwork, Friday’s and Saturdays with Top 40’s Music. We still have are VIP area where we sell premium bottle packages! The premium space is very often used for private events where all three floors including the Rooftop can be rented. This last decade we have seen, Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, Jennifer Hudson, T.I, Shaggy and the list goes on! We are so honored to have these talented people come here to either party and have a good time or perform to our crowd!