Who knew Snoop Dogg and Gary Vaynerchuk would be at the Copa on the same night?


Monday 1st of August was the Affiliate Ball, the hub for all mobile marketing firms and specialists. The night started off at the Copa Rooftop with drinks and Gary Vaynerchuk as the key speaker. For those of you how do not know Gary Vaynerchuk, he is the guru of all gurus when it come to social, mobile and online marketing. He is a self-made multi millionaire entrepreneur and gives advice daily to fellow entrepreneurs and marketing specialists.

After drinks at the Rooftop, time for the party! All down to the 3rd floor of the Copa with DJ Diamond The Artist mixing, dancers all over the place and everyone eager to see Snoop Dogg (aka DJ Snoopadelic). The club is packed, the music is roaring and Snoop enters the building! One hour of RnB and Snoop Dogg music with him rapping really takes you back.

The rapper knows how to entertain a crowd and how to have fun. He even gave away some Snoop Dogg Merchandise for the lucky few that caught some. When he was done, there were still hundreds of people in the line trying to get in the club to get a glimpse of Snoop.

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